Clan X's Members...

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Clan X's Members...

Post by SPARTAN104-X » May 4th, 2008, 2:37 am

As we all no, Clan X is very low on active members. we need to change this if we want our clan to be a success against all others. to become the most feared Clan on That is why every memeber should start recruiting people asap! do Whatever it takes to get members into the clan. if we are more active and we get more members, more will show up and want to be apart of the clan and stay active as long as us responsible people are active! so lets keep a positive attitude about all this and start recruiting more and more people asap! we are in desprite need of members! sure we have 100 something, but when are they on? not very often to never. so lets Get out there and Get Active Members!!! and make sure to recruit them and make sure that they register! Thank you guys who are trieing!
(remember! every 3 recruits your Rank will go UP! so Get recruiting!)


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