Hosting SC Map Making contest

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Hosting SC Map Making contest

Post by JADE-007-X » January 14th, 2008, 6:40 am

Hi Everyone, I have decided to start a map making contest for StarCraft, If there is any one that would like to extend it to WarCraft3 as well i will try to do so. In this map making contest you must be able to identify it was made by you in some way.(Be final and locked with your Battle.Net ID on it.)

If you have any Questions on this contest You may ask them here, or ask them at the StarCraft Universe forum with the map making contest information.

If you win this contest your map will be recommended to all the members in the clan..(Don't be scared to post.)

Any map making level is fine, if you want to win this contest I recommend that it is tested and working fine.


In order to keep this contest safe and suitable for all ages and members the rules for all the forums still apply just like they always should in any situation. If there are any "RACIST" Maps "SEXUAL" Maps or "ABUSIVE" Maps (etc.) Your map and post will be deleted and you will be warned.

When you post these maps you "MUST" post them in a zipped file (attach them in a zip file.) Other wise the PHP or whatever will not alow you to upload it.

When posting explain a brief description of the map.


If you are wondering how some one wins or votes this is how it works.

(1) If you are going to vote try the map out for yourself. You can only vote once so vote wisely.

(2) The maps will also be tested by me and other leaders if they wish, (Note there will be no favouring or teasing about loosing the contest.)

(3) The Quality of the maps on leaders opioniens will be combined with the votes and scored as a total.


I have schuelded this contest for between a certain date this date is 1/15/08 to 1/2/08.
Until then good luck with your maps and Good Luck with the votes.

Have Fun Making your maps Hope you try out.

When posting votes post them on the forum with the map in it

When posting maps post them in the topic at StarCraft Universe.
HAVE FUN!!!!!!!!!!!
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