Any One know Visual Basic??

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Any One know Visual Basic??

Post by JADE-007-X »

Hi, I downloaded Visual Basic 2008 .NET A few Months back and while browesning the forums i found this topic I would like to know if there is anyone that know VB 2008 .NET Code and so on if there are please reply 8)
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Re: Any One know Visual Basic??

Post by SugarD-x »

I can read small parts of VB .Net, but I can't code in it. If you need help, visit our affiliate StealthBot.Net. They have alot of coders that can help you if you post in the appropriate forum. Also, try using the built-in tutorial system that comes with Visual Studio.
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Re: Any One know Visual Basic??

Post by Player-007-X »

I can code VB but i'm no expert. I have learn it a month ago with a book called Visual Basic 2005 Demistifyed, I recommend it xD .

I know the actuall programming like loops, variables, how the code works, and if and then, but I don't know all the tricks and commands.
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